Smart LDAR or Optical Gas Imaging

The infrared optical gas imaging cameras (Smart LDAR) can scan large areas and identify large emission leaks in real-time.

Oil and Gas plants, petrochemical and chemical sites emit gases that harm the environment, jeopardize the health of employees or inhabitants of surrounding residences, and could be a non-compliance to the applicable permits or legislation.

Optical Gas Imaging with infrared camera

This visualization technique with IR/OGI cameras is very effective in:

  • spotting piping leaks
  • spotting flanges and connections in inaccessible or risky areas
  • identifying large leaks without quantification on offshore platforms and storage tanks

This contact-free detection equipment reduces health risks during measurement. Optical gas imaging is commonly used to guarantee a safe plant start up after shutdown or turnaround.

Smart LDAR with High Flow Sampler

 The OGI technique can be used as a standalone service or can be integrated into existing LDAR programs as so-called "Smart LDAR" programs. Quantifying the amount of product being lost can be done via our exclusive High Flow Sampling equipment.

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