Storage Tank Emission Monitoring

The Sniffers uses innovative measurement techniques, such as our high flow sampler, optical gas imaging using infrared cameras & concentration logging.

Infrared camera or FID/PID

Besides OGI (Optical Gas Imaging ) screening techniques, The Sniffers also performs functionality check-ups on different kinds of tank roof equipment, using FID (Flame Ionization Detector) or PID (Photo Ionization Detector) toxic vapour analyzers.

In an environment of increased storage capacity, ageing assets and increasing safety and environmental regulations, tank farm operators want to obtain a clear view of the emissions of their storage tanks. For several years, The Sniffers has received several requests to monitor, map and manage emissions coming from different kinds of storage tanks, despite the fact that official legislation may not yet be obligatory.

Our storage tank emission management program is applicable to all kinds of storage tanks:

  • fixed roof
  • external floating roof
  • internal floating roof
  • gas spheres

What your successful tank emission monitoring program looks like

  • Tangible fugitive emission reductions
  • Confirmed asset safety
  • Innovative high flow sampling techniques combined with OGI
  • Data-driven advice reducing total emissions or eliminating dangerous situations
  • Clear maintenance priorities driving the highest effect for the lowest cost. Focus on bad actors.
  • Actionable and efficient maintenance instructions, aligned with your service company
  • Fast and efficient emission-measuring processes on-site, fully compliant with the terminal’s safety regulations or (future) governmental guidelines and protocols.

Compliance with different regulations

Our complete project process from monitoring up to report generation is in compliance with governmental regulations, country-specific regulations and customer-specific regulations.

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