Third Party Interference Management

50% of the pipeline leaks are caused by third party activities. These activities need to be closely guided and supervised.

Pipelines are lifelines of the global oil & gas industry, providing an economically reliable means to transport oil or gas products from upstream to downstream refineries, power stations and industrial customers. Continuity of supply of oil or gas product, complete elimination of incidents (including injuries or casualties) are major objectives of the pipeline operator.

Our follow-up program of third-party works

  • advising on how to set up procedures and working documents
  • following up and responding to the administrative work requests 
  • assisting and representing the pipeline owner at meetings
  • guiding and following up third-party works in all their aspects

Our field pipeline inspectors and up-to-date equipment guarantee an effective third-party interference program that reduces drastically the risks of pipeline incidents.

The Sniffers’ goal is to help our customers to create an incident-free environment, for the safety of third parties and of their staff.

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