Manage methane and VOC emissions from your installations in a transparent and reliable way

The Sniffers’ business application SFEMP for managing emissions provides you with qualitative, quantified, actionable data for all emissions throughout the complete gas value chain.

Besides unintended or fugitive emissions also intended emissions from gas driven pumps or valves, canalized emission from vents or flares and emissions from safety infrastructure such as PSV are incorporated in this platform.

Complete inventory data, traceable emission measurements, scope determinations, custom inquiries, drill down capabilities, connecting with other business applications, are within reach of the SFEMP software.

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Capabilities of SFEMP

Full scope support and custom scope creation.

The Mobile Client provides you valuable insight and onsite support for inventorization and streams.

SFEMP supports multiple standards, models and emission types.

Clear overview of your emission data for all your assets with full reporting and dashboard setup functionalities.

SFEMP is built on an open architecture, meaning integration with other systems specifically for maintenance, SAP or SalesForce are easy to implement.

Reliable and transparent emission management software which is ISO17025 accredited.

Benefits of emission management software SFEMP

Total emission management platform

Fugitive emissions, intended emitters, vent and flare emission data, releases through PSV’s, and all other emission type are captured in one platform.

Transparent emissions

Emission data that is well organized and presented, easy to select and aggregate as well as transparent calculations compliant with the selected protocol.

Continuous improvement actions

Benchmarking analysis with other (internal) equivalent installations reveal performance and visualizes actual results and gaps against annual emission targets or methane intensity.