Quickly detect the biggest leaking sources, enable fast repair activities and report emission figures

OGI or Optical Gas Imaging is a screening technique using a very sensitive camera able to visualize gas emissions from a leaking source in an installation. This technique allows a quick scan of a large area or a scan of hard-to-reach sources such as non-accessibles, detecting the most important leaking components.

The OGI technique can be used as a standalone service where we provide ‘leak’ or ‘no-leak’ information. OGI can also be integrated into existing LDAR programs as so-called Smart LDAR programs. In this case, we process the limited information expressed in ‘leak’ or ‘no-leak’ into mass leak information kg per year based on emission factors per source type and sensitivity of the camera. Screenings are  compliant to local regulations or customer-specific protocols.

Benefits of Smart LDAR – Optical Gas Imaging

Detect leaks fast incl. non-accessibles

Scan a large amount of potential leaking sources - including non-accessible sources - in a limited time.

Focus on biggest emission sources

Detect the biggest leaking sources or bad actors and let maintenance focus on the biggest opportunities or reduction.

Comply with legislation

Realize a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and assets and demonstrate compliance to legislation.

Want to know more about how Optical Gas Imaging helps you locate the biggest emitters fast?

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