Reveal hidden problems and check the condition of equipment


Thermographic surveys enable you to obtain the thermal pattern of an object’s surface. It is a non-destructive, no-touch, on-site method.

Insight into the condition of installations

Almost all processes and changes that take place within processes can be detected and analyzed. Our certified inspectors apply the best available techniques to give you clear insight into the condition of your installation.

Various applications in oil, gas and power

With our thermographic surveys, we mainly focus on the oil, gas and power industry. We specialize in condition-based maintenance, process optimization, hidden corrosion detection and insulation monitoring and electrical inspections. Heat and energy losses are specified in a clear advice-driven report.

Different thermographic surveys

Measure the quality of your infrastructure in real time. Thermographic surveys enable you to schedule condition-dependent maintenance or repairs. Improve the uptime of your installations and minimize shutdowns.

By measuring flow rates in pipelines and cooling systems, you continuously optimize your process.

Hidden corrosion of pipelines and other equipment can be detected quickly and efficiently by clearly indicating the surface temperature of certain parts of the insulation.

Check the quality of newly built infrastructure. Optimize your turnaround with thermographic surveys.

Detect overheating in electrical components early. See which components need replacement and minimize risk for malfunction and fire and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Benefits of thermographic surveys

Extend your infrastructure's lifespan

Check the condition of your equipment and discover hidden problems so you extend the lifespan of your infrastructure.

Detect hidden problems early

Detect corrosion under insulation or other problems early to avoid expensive maintenance costs.

Save costs

Save costs by detecting hidden problems in your infrastructure early and avoid maintenance or repair activities.

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