Underground pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs


The goal of the pipeline industry remains zero leakage. Leaks need to be detected at the earliest stage possible. Our highly trained dogs locate gas leaks, illegal tapping activities and electrical short circuits fast, accurately and efficiently.

Gas leaks

Locating leaks with equipment is expensive, time-consuming and often impossible in remote areas. Using sniffing dogs is the fastest, most flexible and most cost-efficient technique.

Illegal tapping

Oil, ethylene, propane,… regardless of which valuable substance is flowing through your pipelines, illegal pipeline tapping is a major problem. Our sniffing dogs are specialized in locating illegal tapping.

Electrical short circuits

Detecting electrical short circuits is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. By using sniffing dogs, short circuits can be located quickly and accurately in low and medium tension underground circuits. The ideal solution for minimizing downtime and optimizing repairs.

Benefits of leak detection with sniffing dogs

More accurate measurements

Compared to measurement equipment, dogs detect the smallest leaks on PPB level and also the exact leak location.

Easy access to rural environments

Your pipeline infrastructure is easy to reach for sniffing dogs. Difficult weather conditions and dense vegetation are no longer issues.

Cost effective detection method

Detect leaks earlier with fewer dog handlers and dogs compared and choose for a proactive detection method.