Improve the quality, integrity and continuity of your pipeline infrastructure

Inspections are crucial in securing the visibility of your pipeline network, preventing uncoordinated third party interferences and following up coordinated works.

To detect these pirate yards early, we provide several pipeline inspections on foot, by car or from the air.

Our pipeline inspection team members are constantly present in the field while managing your pipeline network. Several services and projects can easily be combined during inspection works, creating cost-effective synergies and substantial added value.

Besides different inspection methods, we also provide different pipeline maintenance services.

Pipeline maintenance services

We update your pipeline signalization with new markers or we renew existing markers to ensure the visibility of your facilities.

We cut hazardous trees above or around the pipeline under the supervision of qualified personnel.

Our localization and digitalization program enables us to accurately determine the depth of underground pipelines and to evaluate them according to the (legal) standards without having to excavate.

When driving by section posts, our well-educated team check the quality of isolation joints, taking into account all security precautions.

Benefits of pipeline inspections

Extend the lifespan of your pipelines

Secure the visibility of your pipeline network and prevent uncoordinated third party interferences and follow up coordinated works.

Minimize risks

Create an incident-free pipeline environment and ensure the safety of third parties and your personnel.

Fast interventions and reporting

Fast interventions and reporting are necessary when potential problems with your pipeline infrastructure occur.