Locate pipelines without expensive excavation

Knowing exactly where your pipelines or power cables are buried underground helps you to avoid damaging these assets during excavation or trenching.

Pipeline locators and PIMS

The pipeline locators used by The Sniffers determine the position and depth of underground pipelines and cables according to outstanding standards or legislation, without expensive excavation.

These GPS measurements can be visualized in a digital manner via any Geographic Information System (GIS), a specific Pipeline Information Management System (PIMS) or CAD drawing. Whereas plans only represent the position of the underground infrastructure as it used to be in the past, actual measurements deliver the latest information and an up-to-date infrastructure database.

Benefits of pipeline localization

Save costs by eliminating excavation

Determine the position and depth of your pipelines without the need to excavate. and save costs.

Up-to-date information

Keep your infrastructure database up-to-date and stop relying on old plans of your pipeline infrastructure.

Optimal third party interferences

Know the exact current location of your underground infrastructure to ensure optimal third party interferences.