Avoid risks and increase safety during third party works


Continuity of supply of oil or gas productcomplete elimination of incidents (including injuries or casualties) are important objectives for you as pipeline operator.

50% of the pipeline leaks are caused by third party activities. These activities need to be closely guided and supervised.

We therefore offer complete third party registration and follow-up. Our field pipeline inspectors and up-to-date equipment guarantee an effective third-party interference program that reduces drastically the risks of pipeline incidents.

How we follow-up third party works

  • advice on how to set up procedures ad working documents
  • follow-up and responding to the administrative work requests
  • assistance and representation of the pipeline owner at meetings
  • guidance and follow-up of third party works in all their aspects

Benefits of third party works supervision

Continuity of pipeline infrastructure

Supervising and guiding third party works is crucial to secure the quality and continuity of your pipeline infrastructure.

Fast interventions and reporting

Fast interventions and reporting are necessary when potential problems with your pipeline infrastructure occur.

Safe working environment

Avoid pipeline incidents by having your third party works managed. Ensure a safe working environment for third parties as well as your staff.