4 rules of thumb of The Sniffers for successful Optical Gas Imaging -


The Sniffers has been executing Optical Gas Imaging to its customers for many years. What follows are several guidelines we strive for when detecting leaks with OGI.

1. We understand the application and needs

Our operators receive professional training in executing Optical Gas Imaging projects. Our specialists understand that different applications require different cameras.

2. Optical Gas Imaging combined with a sniffer probe

Another service The Sniffers offers besides Optical Gas Imaging is Smart LDAR. This detection technique is a combination of OGI and the use of a sniffer probe such as a Toxic Vapor Analyzer. Using this service, our specialists will not only visualize the leaks but also quantify them.

3. Safety is our first priority

The Sniffers uses OGI cameras with High Sensitivity Mode to locate leaks from a great distance which ensures safety for your plant, you as a customer and our own operators.

4. Training is imperative

Did you know our operators followed specialized training to become experienced and qualified OGI users? No operator can ensure safety and have the requried knowledge without previous thorough training.

Source: www.flir.eu

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