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Refineries, chemical plants and petrochemical plants have been using Optical Gas Imaging for many years. Why would you opt for this service? What is your return when choosing an OGI program? Let us make a recap of the advantages.

1. Efficiency

An OGi camera has the ability to quickly scan for leaks at a early stage. The Sniffers can immediately exclude certain areas and focus on those areas that show major leaks.

2. Safety

Optical Gas Imaging cameras enable us to work safely due to the following reasons:

  • Scan large areas from a safe distance
  • Measurement is possible in hard-to-reach areas
  • OGI is a contact-free measuring method

The Sniffers ensures safety for both personnel and the environment.

3. Environmental regulations compliance

By using Optical Gas Imaging, you will comply with environmental regulations. The Sniffers can assist you, as an independent service provider, with compliance to both local- and international regulations. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions.

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Source: www.flir.eu

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