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Who we are
We are the contributors to a better environment. As a key part of Intero, Intero - The Sniffers combines global field emission measurements and pipeline integrity surveys with expert knowledge and advice.
environmental services final
Environmental services
We combine global field emission measurements with expert knowledge and advice. Leak detection. Environment protection.
Pipeline management
Pipeline management
With our global pipeline integrity surveys and PRIMS, we seek out your challenges to guarantee your safety and reputation, while protecting the environment.

We are the contributors to a better environment. You can sense the winds of change in the oil, gas, and chemical industries as they move through the energy transition.

As a key part of Intero, Intero – The Sniffers combines global field emission measurements and pipeline integrity surveys with expert knowledge and advice.

Ready to monitor, report, and verify your methane emissions?


Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution

PRIMS is a cloud-based software platform that captures, analyzes and visualizes pipeline data from different sources and field surveys, such as cathodic protection surveys, ILI runs and third party activities. All pipeline data is visualized in a geographical context. The software supports multiple standards and methods.

Track risks, compliance, and manage the integrity of your pipelines with PRIMS, the digital twin of your assets in the field.

Pipeline Integrity Management Software PRIMS The Sniffers

Our clients

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This makes us different

30 years of experience

Incorporated in 1991, Intero – The Sniffers is focused to support customers in their environmental objectives.

Corporate emission and pipeline integrity platforms

Dedicated extensive services around emission management, energy savings and pipeline integrity.

More than 9.000 projects executed Our global experience enables us to benchmark and identify best practices as well as areas for improvement.

Innovative technologies
and solutions

State-of-the-art software platforms SFEMP and PRIMS for lean work processing and applying new technologies when valuable.

Reliable and accredited processes and methodologies

Intero – The Sniffers is a certified and laboratory accredited organization with ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC, and ISO 17025 612-TEST Belac and 389-TEST Israc.

Passionate and dedicated team of experts

Well trained and qualified specialists, listening to the customer and applying best available techniques.

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How can we help you?

Announcement: The Sniffers rebrands to Intero - The Sniffers

30 September 2022, Balen, Belgium

On 18 December 2019, The Sniffers was acquired by Intero Integrity Services. The services of The Sniffers were added to Intero’s inspection and industrial services portfolio to strengthen the business and to provide current and new clients with additional services.

To position ourselves as one integrated business moving forward, The Sniffers has been rebranded to Intero – The Sniffers.

Our emission management service line and pipeline integrity service line have been renamed ‘Environmental Services’ and ‘Pipeline Management’. These two service lines are part of Intero’s four service lines with each their distinctive color, being:

  • Intero Inspection Services
  • Intero Environmental Services
  • Intero Pipeline Management
  • Intero Industrial Services

You can continue to rely on our services and on the same team with whom you are working now. We look forward to continue supporting you with our Ever-Evolving Solutions!