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Field surveys and services

Maintain the integrity of your pipelines with our field surveys and services

We offer a wide selection of field surveys and services to ensure that your pipeline networks operate in a safe, compliant and efficient way. From pipeline localization using RoW or Depth Of Cover, third party interferences, ILI inspections, cathodic protection and corrosion assessments to pipeline integrity management with specifically designed software; our experts support you through the full pipeline cycle. 

After more than 9.000 successful projects worldwide and 30 years of experience in the industry, our inspectors have the knowledge and qualifications to detect any hidden problems or areas for improvement. Our processes are reliable and accredited and you can rely on innovative technologies to manage your pipeline networks.

Field surveys and services to maintain the integrity of your pipelines

Cathodic protection and coating surveys

Our team specializes in cathodic protection- and non-destructive coating survey techniques. Moreover, our own PIMS software called PRIMS, enables full analysis of your cathodic protection system and coatings. Visualize critical pipeline locations or inadequate CP systems so you can perform proper maintenance activities.

Continuous Cathodic Protection Monitoring

To check your Cathodic Protection system 24/7, we provide IoT measurement devices combined with a cloud-based software application. These IoT sensors are installed throughout your pipeline network and warn you when a specific threshold is crossed.

Third party interferences and activities

50% of the pipeline leaks are caused by third party activities close to your pipelines. Our inspectors survey these third party activities and provide detailed follow-up with our Pipeline Information Management Solution - PRIMS and PRIMS Mobile application.

Pipeline leak detection

We perform periodic leak detection runs on foot, by car, from the air and with trained dogs. We help you fulfil your legal obligations and evaluate your pipeline’s condition. This will help you make the right decisions for future investments.

Leak detection with sniffing dogs

Our dogs detect gas and oil leaks fast and accurately, even in challenging rural environments. They pinpoint the exact leak locations and have proven their capabilities many times.

pipeline localization

Pipeline localization and inspection

Our experts locate, inspect and digitize your pipeline route. We inspect your assets on foot, by car or from the air and we digitize the route of the pipeline using our Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution called PRIMS.

Ultrasonic inline inspections

Ultrasonic Inline Pipeline Inspections (ILI-UT)

To provide a suitable solution for the inspection of (unpiggable) pipelines, our Inspection Service Line developed the Piglet – a highly versatile ultrasonic inspection tool on a mobile platform. provide insight in unpiggable pipelines ranging from 2” to 64” and located from subsea offshore to remote areas anywhere in the world.

New technologies pipeline integrity

New technologies

Discover new technologies, such as our Pipers and Continuous Cathodic Protection Monitoring service. Our professionals thoroughly test new technologies in real operational conditions before we offer them to our clients.

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